Bedtime Adventure Stories for Grown Ups (Paperback): Short stories for short attention spans

Bedtime Adventure Stories for Grown Ups (Paperback): Short stories for short attention spans

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Have you ever wanted to kayak down a gorge in New Zealand? Or run night-time marathons through the Californian desert? How about rollerblading 100 miles around Amsterdam?

You have? Then pour yourself a cup of cocoa, get those jim-jams on and prepare to escape into a world of adventure with this collection of life-affirming short stories from award-winning adventurer Anna McNuff.

You'll go road trippin’ through the Canadian winter. Bivvy out on a mountaintop in Wales. Explore pockets of wilderness around the city of London and take a journey by bike across Europe.

Always upbeat and often insightful, Bedtime Adventure Stories is the antidote to adult life. It’ll have you drifting off into the land of nod, dreaming up journeys of your very own – and it’s proof that the only thing standing between you and the next wild adventure is a willingness to step beyond your front door.

Because grown-ups need bedtime stories too.




"Just magic!"

"Feels like chatting to your (slightly adventure mad) friend over a warming drink"

"Funny, relatable... just brilliant."

"Makes you want to leave your safe, comfortable sofa and explore the amazing, big, wide world"

"I was trying to ration myself to one story each night before bed... but I devoured it."

"Left me inspired and itching to get back out in the great outdoors!"

"A neat little shot of adventure inspiration"

"Anna is an adventure storytelling wizard!"


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